Should Barotseland Take Part In Zambia's Independence Jubilee Celebration? - Saleya Kwalombota

  The term 'Independence Day' simply refers to the day when a nation was declared independent from its colonialists. 24th October, 1964 was a joyous and historic day for Zambia, when the republic was born through the union of British colony of Northern Rhodesia and a British protectorate of Barotseland through the BA64 international treaty.  With the population of less than five million people, the country burst into celebrations as the colony flag was being lowered and the Zambian national fl...


Let Us Be Wary Of Traitors amongst Barotseland Activists As Zambia Runs Out Of Ideas to Halt Our Independence.

Colonialism, in the traditional sense, ended as European countries started fighting over colonies (the World Wars) and in effect, weakened each other in the process.  Colonized people, the world over, saw their chance to break free as they realized that their masters or colonizers are not as mightier as they claimed. If it was all about being mightier, Britain could not have suctioned independence of Zambia in that case. ZAMBIA SHOULD RESPECT THE LAW OF NATIONS THAN CONCEPT OF "MIGHTIER&...


Customs of Barotseland by Ben Taulo Masule

Language Silozi is the National language while English remains as the official language. Marriage and Family Long marriage engagements are common, so is living together before or instead of marriage. Only civil marriages are legal, but many couples also have a religious ceremony. The average Barotzish family has two children or more. Both parents often work outside the home. At home, they may share some household duties, but women are still generally considered responsible for many of them...


PF Has Not Delivered on Election Promises such as Restoration of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 – Sacika

Former Secretary to the Cabinet Sketchley Sacika says the Patriotic Front has not delivered on its major campaign promises in their three years of being in power. Sacika warned that the PF risk losing power if they did not address the issue of the major campaign promises they made to the Zambian people. He said that among the highly publicized campaign issues was the constitution making process and the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement. “Mr Sata was reported in the papers and the med...


From Zambian prison over Barotseland, Nayoto Mwenda charges that there is No Jubilee for Zambia because the union between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia already broke

Left: Sir Mwanawina III, Litunga of Barotseland and Kenneth Kaunda at the dawn of Zambia's Independence. Right: Sir Mwanawina III and Queen Victoria of UK at the latter's visit to Barotseland in 1960 There is no jubilee for Zambia because both Barotseland kingdom and Northern Rhodesia which formed the failed 'unitary' state of Zambia have reverted to their original statuses. Therefore, let the Zambian government live up to reality instead of deceiving Zambians that there will be celebrating ...


Visiting Barotseland Kingdom as a Tourist by Ben Taulo Masule

Picture: Tiger Fishing in Barotseland – courtesy of Being a tourist is awesome. So awesome that the World Tourism Organization WTO has set an annual day of observance to highlight tourism's social, cultural, political and economic value. In honor of World Tourism Day, celebrated September 27, we've compiled 20 reasons it's great to be a camera-toting out-of-toner with a sudden need to stand in line for a Renaissance art museum. What are your favorite things about bein...


'Hypocritical' Zambia to officially commemorate ‘Unity’ through Kaunda’s One Party State 1972 Choma Declaration but continue to ‘Criminalize’ the Barotseland Agreement 1964

The Zambian government will this year hold commemorations for the 1972 Choma Declaration which effectively turned Zambia into a one party dictatorship. The Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) reports that preparations are under way for the commemoration which will be held at the site where Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwanga Nkumbula signed the declaration. The Zambian government says the 1972 Choma declaration was a symbol of peace and unity hence giving it space in the history of the co...


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  • m.lubasi 01.10.2014 17:03
    Barotseland had never been colonised by former zambia colonisers- Britain-Barotse land was a nation long before the scramble for ...


  • its Over 01.10.2014 14:24
    in to the very essence of the Zambian nation. Zambia can not claim to exist without significant mention of the Lozi.


  • its Over 01.10.2014 14:22
    events and times change things just like there was no Barotseland 600 years ago 50 years after Zambia's creation, the Lozis have ...


  • its Over 01.10.2014 14:08
    Like the failed case of Scotland and Quebec, barotseland can not stand alone and will be prosperous if it stays with Zambia The ...


  • its Over 01.10.2014 14:01
    Hope Mwenda is spending his time in prison reflecting on his conduct and the none cause that he and his fellow misguided youths ...


  • Ackson Lubinda 25.09.2014 07:35
    Long live Malozi komuinzi, bulozi ki bwa luna


  • Kabisoi 25.09.2014 05:11
    Well spoken Sir. We heard of the plans by these 'Zambians' to spy on our leaders' whereabouts and we know that they are also trying ...


  • Saleya Kwalombota 24.09.2014 16:30
    Hon. Nayoto I personal admire your courage and really you are heroic. One day will sing our song of our land and raise our flag of ...


  • Kabisoi 23.09.2014 13:53
    Malozi komuliten'i kaufela never give in to these acts of terrorism by Zambia. Enough is enough. Being a Judas will just make you end ...


  • Kabisoi 22.09.2014 06:16
    Kiniiti shangwe. forward ever, backward never. Mulozi a kisilukenge kuli a zamaye 'pindingi kukuta pindingi!' as the Lozi adage ...


  • Kabisoi 19.09.2014 10:18
    Well, that was democracy indeed at work; clean and void of harassments and imprisonments. Our case is different anyway because ...


  • Liseli Kalaluka 19.09.2014 10:11
    Atleast the Scotts have peacefully chosen their own destiny of staying in union with Britain. Thrilling moments! However, Barotseland ...


  • wamu 19.09.2014 07:45
    The people have spoken.Mr. Alex Salmond is a brave man and he has done his part. A big lesson is people should not loose sight over ...


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Every Mondays and Fridays at 17:00hrs to 17:15hrs, let’s commit Barotseland in prayer. The Lozis in the Army and police working with our foes, you can say your prayers silently in your hearts. God has already answered our prayer so we need to thank him as much as we can.


03rd July, 2013



  2. KABWE
  5. MONZE
  9. MUNGU
  13. KALABO
  14. LUKULU

We ask you to be strong and firm in your beliefs and position, because the devil is working hard day and night to cause confusion but fortunately we have already defeated him, because Barotseland is a chosen and blest nation. Success is in our custody.

However, there are reports that are going round that Linyungandambo has joined the newly formed movement headed by Mr Sinyinda Wainyae and Mr Situmbeko Musialela called Barotse Freedom Alliance (BFA), please be informed that Linyungandambo has enough support and membership across the world, and we don’t need to join any freedom movement whose agenda is not known. If BFM, BI and MOREBA join them, they are free to offload their membership to the newly formed BFA, and LINYUNGANDAMBO SHALL EXIST INDEPENDENTLY AS IT HAS ALL ALONG.

We take the newly formed Freedom Movement as a new entrant in the struggle, so we ask them to tell the people what plans and dreams they have concerning Barotseland. We still advise the leadership of BFA to stop misleading the nation by involving Linyungandambo in their movement without authority of its leaders; this amounts to disrespectfulness and barbaric kind of leadership.

Therefore, we urge all the Linyungandambo members to remain alert to new developments and to be strong and firm in their position as freedom seekers and fighters. We don’t need the myopic leaders to contaminate the horde of Linyungandambo; we have spent resources to earn our reputation and we cannot just give it away on a silver plate.
Tukongote wa mwana nongolo, malozi muyoyange wino, Nyambe ate ami fuyaule!


Lubinda Kunangela
Information and Publicity Wing
Linyungandambo National Office.


+1 #1 The Observer 2013-07-04 01:54
Bana Ba Mba,

Ni nani sepo ye tezi kuli Nyambe-wa-ngula (Nyambangula) Wa mi bukeleza moote ko ku panda ng'ole yoote, mi Ate a mi bukeleze cwalo kamita.

I have just learnt about the welcome formation of Barotseland Freedom Alliance (BFA) from your above Press Release. I am optimistic that the Alliance will provide a unison voice around our virtuous struggle for freedom and self-determinat ion. In this regard, I would like to earnestly implore you and bana ba Poho-ye-nsu boote ko ba ya ko ba kuwa to kindly know who the enemy is and therefore, exercise optimum restraint, civility, and brotherhood when dealing with any individual, movement or organization propagating coordinated advocacy of our mutually agreed common interest vis-a-vis Barotseland Agreement 1964 standoff with GRZ. It is very important to acknowledge, respect, and protect forces of mutual vision and goal at a battle field. A lu ambukeni ku itwanisa mwa hali a luna shangwe. Bu itomboli (sacrifices) boo lu bile ni bona mwa ndwa ye busike bwa lu bisa ni sitoyo, muna, lutimbo, kapa kaing'ole ku ba ha mba ba ba joina ndwa ye. Ikaba nto ye nde ni hakalo kuli ba licaba ni sila sa luna site si bone kuli lwa swalisana sina ha lu ize TUKONGOTE WA MWANA NONGOLO.

Manzwi amamu a itusisizwe mwa Press Release mo ha a bonisi lilato ni swalisano yeo lu swanela ku ba ni yona! In this view, I wish to humbly and kindly request kuli manzwi a asiyo hande, haiba kwa konahala, abe a mizwe (withdrawn). May the different organizations or movements involved in BA 1964 remember the saying, UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

KOZO shangwe.
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0 #2 Kumoyo Mate 2013-07-04 06:57
Unity in diversity is welcome, however, when people go on media especially, including hostile media to announce and spread falsehood, it becomes a problem. The announcement of BFA involving other organizations without consulting the other organization involved becomes a big problem (ki lipapali). The Linyungandambo language may be harsh at some points, but be also aware that their involvement is a direct ploy to destroy and disorganize the Linyungandambo membership. Some new organization members and leaders have been heard boasting that they are now going to finish Linyungandambo and take the mantle and leadership of the struggle, indicating ill motives?
It appears they are been funded by Zambia now to actually destroy the Liberation movement, especially the Linyungandambo who have so far consistently stood Zambian government pressure and temptation of bribery.
So please, know why the Linyungandambo have written what they have. Iam a Linyungandambo and I understand what is going on on the ground. Don't worry you will see this latest ploy to destroy the Linyungandambo exposed as the BFA begin to show their true character
Musike mwalyangana mina muinzi kwahule. Linyungandambo is not the aggressor in this matter, but the so called BFA. They have even been featured on Zambian media over this matter to deceive and disorganize Linyungandambo. Period
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+3 #3 Maano 2013-07-04 08:05
Well said, Kumoyo Mate, but any in-fighting, regardless of the perpetrator, is unwelcome at this stage. Two wrongs do not make it right. We need mass participation. Let us support all initiatives. We need numbers. Linyungandambo should, as a figurehead movement, be the first to make a clarion call on people to participate in the struggle for emancipation of Batotseland, both within and without Linyungandambo. Lets concentrate of the positive aspects of these new developments and mitigate the negative sides of them - Kopano ki maata! Mu sike ku lwanela 'folofolo' ye sali mwa mushitu! Ha mu ibulaye pili. Ha i ta ipulaelwe ki ba sili bo? Lwa mi lata kaufela mina!
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+1 #4 khinakho YaBulozi 2013-07-04 09:38
If it is true that there is such a formation as Barotse freedom alliance, then its a welcome move. barotse struggle for freedom was not initaied by Linyungandambo either, and not all barotses subscribe to Linyungandambo ideals.

it could be that the alliance is actually by real barotses who have no connections to secret societies as in the case of some barotse activists. mr wanyae should be fully supported on this
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+1 #5 Maano 2013-07-04 11:10
Mico mibi! Ku bata ku ikabela litunula ndwa i sa kolota - i sali kaula kañi!
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+2 #6 Mukombwe Ulilakwahae 2013-07-04 11:48
ATTENTION SICHABA SA HESU,Bana ba poho yensu!! There are few things in life which are not for cowards, namely; Marriage, a Wedding, Genuine leadership at all levels of human life and a struggle for Liberty/Freedom /Self determination etc. All these ingredients of community identity do not require BRAINS that are opportunists but with a vision that can be traced a long distance backwards and in future. The Barotse masses are wise enough to tell and judge correctly as to which group is genuine on this trip of self determination. Those who are now jumping on board at a late hour should do so with respect to the founders of Barotseland freedom. I strongly believe that the foundation team of the Barotse Freedom struggle is very intact because it has resisted daily heavy stones, storms, waves and dust of opposition( let me simply say, the test of time). To the Genuine freedom fighters my word of encouragement is that, we need statesmen/women on the impasse of Barotse Independence not self declared politicians only without a long lasting vision. At this moment in time,your PRIMARY duty is to deliver the elephant from ( SITANGU) the taboo of unnecessary colonialism of our Country. Be reminded that as you chase the Big Elephant out of the cage of slavery, be assured that, along the way small creatures like insects, Rats, Kalulus, even poisoners snakes like Cobras may be charging towards you and sometimes trying to run in the same direction of freedom the Elephant is going. Kindly, we plead with you that let not your attention be diverted by their swift strides because they were not with you when the journey started. Our cousins the Tongas have said, ''CHIKULUKULU NI N'GANDA'' meaning the first wife whom you started with on the journey of marriage is the real house(wife)not the ones who join you when you are about to obtain and honestly, to manage the retirement package. They may try to entice even derail you just for the smelling bread and butter of Lusaka authority. Our struggle is not for boys and girls but for real men and women 'Baba sa sabi se siholokota'. Even though we are observers but we have already seen the best players and the ones who will soon make us proud as Barotse Nationals. Above all, we again, mark your words'' THE ENEMY IS ALREADY DEFEATED''. Be rest assured that our support is for the real LINDWALUME who can defeat the enemy of jealousy and covetousness both from inside and outside . Aluna saango ni lindwalume za MUKUBILU fa taba ya Tukuluho ya Naha ya luna. Mina Lindwalume za niti SOLDIER, SOLDIER ON the finishing line now do not need a telescope for one to see. KOZO SHANGWE.
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-3 #7 Kushandoka Limbwalu 2013-07-04 14:33
I don’t think Bo Sinyinda and bo Musialela can make good leaders as myopic as they seem. Bo Sinyinda ran away from Rt. Hon. Afumba on account of having no material wealthy. Bo Sinyinda has delayed our freedom when he was still Ngambela. His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba has always visited him in person trying to help when he was Ngambela, but sinyinda respected much Princes and princesses who were funding his operations. The direction Sinyinda was taking was leading the nation into an absolute monarchy and he defended it very much.

How can we believe him now, and why does he want to lead the alliance when they have no membership? Why didn’t he join the existing ones? Does this not portray selfishness in him? Why does he involve another organization into their alliance without talking its leaders?

Bo Sinyinda is a failure life and will take Bulozi nowhere! That is the fact!

What criteria have they used for Sinyinda to lead the alliance? I also not support the alliance. Let them fight side by side with Linyungandambo through their Banjul nonsense.
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+2 #8 The Observer 2013-07-04 22:07
Reading the some commentaries in this thread, one regrettable fact is noted....the WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME syndrome! It is obvious that the struggle, for some, is meant to accrue private recognition and fortune! What else can sensibly explain the apprehension crudely exhibited against Bo Sinyinda's reportedly formation of Barotseland Freedom Alliance (BFA)? Which single individual was and is still labelled as champion and/or 'instigator' of the so called Barotseland secession campaign, if not the former Ngambela, Mr. Sinyinda? Who was the author of the reportedly once concealed, but now in public domain African Union response letter, if not the former Ngambela, Mr. Sinyinda? Is Mr. Sinyinda's somewhat radical approach (as often construed or misconstrued) to the BA 1964 dispute in doubt? I suppose not. What were the reasons Mr. Sinyinda advanced as grounds of his resignation as Ngambela? Given all this indisputable background about Mr. Sinyinda and his current trouble with ZP and other GRZ State agents, which happenings are all or mostly in public domain, just what is it that may reasonably explain the voices representing Linyungandambo here to question where Mr. Sinyinda's loyalty lies vis-a-vis the struggle for Barotseland's self-determinat ion if not mere spite and bulyangelino syndrome by those within who are seemingly threatened by his disposition?

My objective advice in opening within commentaries in this thread ought to be considered with 'level-headedne ss' it deserves, lest the inevitable is bound to occur! Remember the reason that led to our ku komwa by and subsequent buzike under the Sibitwani's Kololos? Was it not a divided Kingdom on who should be WHO?

Kindly re-read my earlier comment and fathom the virtue there is there in.

KOZO shangwe!
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+1 #9 Henry Malumo 2013-07-05 12:09
Lipina za barotse radio limunati, excellent selection and flow. Sending me to the dance floor before 5. Muzwelepili. Still enjoying the distance before i join the content debates
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+1 #10 its over 2013-07-09 12:53
A house divided as can be seen from threads above. By one stroke of a pen Sinyinda has moved from a hero to villain. According to the young people on this forum, the Litunga is a discredited fellow, the BRE are opportunistic and hapless lackeys, Aurthur and Sikota are passionatley hated traitors. And now the ousted ngambela who was extoled for being firm on the BNC resolutions, is now renounced as a potential betryer of the cause. W ill you fellows ever agree. I dont think so. Left to your own devices hacking each other would be the order of the day and its for this reason God has jinxed your tribally fuelled cause.
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0 #11 2014-03-11 07:11
Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the good effort.
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0 #12 Danielle 2014-04-08 22:28
Hello my friend! I want to say that this article is amazing, great written and come
with almost all significant infos. I'd like to peer extra posts like
this .
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