The Afumba led Barotseland Civil Government must be supported by all to speed up our Independence – Saleya Kwalombota

My brothers and sisters, in as much as we all seem to have very good ideas aimed at bringing much needed political independence to our beloved Barotseland, we must realize that as long as we keep avoiding facing the reality that we need the civil Barotseland government in place other than the Kuta (traditional government under BRE setup), there will be lack of patriotism and the sense of belonging in our independence struggle.  Why do we continue to pretend? Let's face the real reason for the ...


After 11 months of intense negotiating the Barotseland Agreement 1964, Sir Mwanawina III, Foresaw Future Problems - Saleya

File: Kenneth Kaunda started to abrogated the Barotseland Agreement 1964 18 months after it was signed Barotseland was the only region of Zambia that had a clear right to establish a regional government and “this right preceded the birth of the Republic of Zambia and is, therefore, not bestowed on Barotseland by Zambia.” Barotseland had its own challenges prior to the signing of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 (BA64); One group including the Litunga opposed the uniting of the soon-to-be indep...


Release Those in Prison because of Barotseland Agreement - Rev. Fr. Chanakila Muyunda

Rev. Fr. Chanakila Muyunda Dear Brothers and Sisters, In few days time we will be celebrating the golden jubilee of our Country Zambia. It is a historical fact beyond reasonable doubt that Zambia is a Unitary State, formed by the union of two territories, namely Northern Rhodesia and Barosteland. History teaches us that Sir Duncan Sandys on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government-United Kingdom, Sir Mwanawina Lewanika on behalf of the Barotseland Royal Establishment and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda Prime ...


Part I: Saba-Saba Parentage of Zambian Independence - Mbikusita Lewanika, the Unsung Founding Father

Mbikusita Lewanika PART I: SABA-SABA PARENTAGE OF INDEPENDENCE A Reflection on Mbikusita Lewanika, Founding President General of the Northern Rhodesia African Congress and King of Barotseland Unsung Founding Father Zambia’s independence history needs to be reviewed to appreciate that it was achieved by ideas and efforts of more than one person, generation and organization. The current situation may be likened to doctoring the Biblical Exodus story by giving all credit to Joshua and none t...


Release People Arrested In Connection with Barotseland and the Creation of Zambia - Mongu Diocese Bishop

“The continuous denial of the place of Barotseland in the making of Zambia as a nation is robbing her of its beautiful history” Mongu diocese Bishop Evans Chinyemba, Oblate of Mary Immaculate (OMI), has demanded the release of people arrested in connection to the history of Barotseland and the creation of Zambia, Oblate Radio Liseli reports. The bishop has demanded the release of all political prisoners arrested in the country and in ‘Western Province, connected...


Freedom of Independence Vs. Freedom of Dependence by Lindunda (La Mulonga) Wamunyima

Finally, the much awaited historic 24th October is finally here this week. Allow me space in your wonderful paper to celebrate in a unique way with the readers this very important day. Since 1964 when Zambia was pronounced independent from the British colonial rule the day has been recurrent yearly, just like any other important anniversary. However, this year the recurrence brings along with it the much thought after Golden Jubilee Celebrations of independence in the minds of most Zambians. ...


24th October, Zambian Independence Day, is a Solemn Day on Barotseland Calendar - Afumba Mombotwa as he cautions Barotseland nationals against celebrating Zambia's 50th Independence Day

PRESS RELEASE, 18/10/2014 Caution To All Barotzis Over The 24th October Celebrations Accept kind and heartfelt greetings of love from me, His Majesty King Lubosi Imwiko II, and from the Royal Barotseland Government. May God richly bless you all; for He has proved His providence to all our needs, and He has granted us victory in the pursuit of our independence! The Barotse people should not attach any importance to 24th October 1964. It is a solemn day with solemn music according to the Baro...


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  • Lineki 23.10.2014 11:34
    MR Maano be sincere and wise to understand how the KING and Kuta functions on matters of importance like the Barotse Self detarmination.


  • Maano 23.10.2014 06:32
    But, how long must Barotseland continue with this so called peaceful advocacy: No meetings, no campagns, no posters, no songs ...


  • Kabisoi 23.10.2014 05:14
    Sandimbelile, I don't know who you are but the way you write it is clear that you are in deep denial stage of the realities in ...


  • Kabisoi 23.10.2014 04:56
    Oooooh! What a beauty, I never knew this history. This is very wonderful indeed. I wish all Zambians and Barotzis could read ...


  • mukombwe wa mafisa 22.10.2014 19:37
    christian nation in crisis full of higgled piggled polititians.


  • Maano 22.10.2014 14:12
    Barotses, this is a clarion call: Wake up! Surely, 50 years of colonisstion at the hands your neighbours: The Black Colonialists ...


  • Sandimbelile 21.10.2014 06:33
    Kwa undi wa nyangela kaufela Let me encourage you to take the next General and Primary elections seriously. Exercise your constitutional ...


  • Sandimbelile 21.10.2014 06:18
    Bo Kwalombota I agree with you in many of your views. We differ on the house of Parliament issue. The people who represent Western ...


  • Sandimbelile 21.10.2014 05:52
    Did you talk to the Litunga lately? Did he really tell you he is for total independence, or you are putting Words in his mouth?


  • Kabisoi 21.10.2014 04:50
    Actually the 50 years of independence are for Northern Rhodesia not Barotseland. How do you celebrate 5o years of marriage when you ...


  • mukombwe wa mafisa 20.10.2014 20:24
    zambia never fought british for independece ,there was no weapons by zambia ,only welfare associations that grew into ANC with ...


  • mukombwe wa mafisa 20.10.2014 20:15
    ALL these turmoils were coursed by KK for his greed of power,abrogatin g Barotseland agreement 1964,in 1969,even forsaken the litunga ...


  • Kabisoi 20.10.2014 04:59
    Last kicks of a dying horse. The dissident Lozis like Mr Luhila need to know there is time fro everything. Thye should stop making ...


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Every Mondays and Fridays at 17:00hrs to 17:15hrs, let’s commit Barotseland in prayer. The Lozis in the Army and police working with our foes, you can say your prayers silently in your hearts. God has already answered our prayer so we need to thank him as much as we can.

It must be explained in the literal meaning and in the traditional context as follows:

Establishment refers to a set of people according to the number and order of eminence or that which is established. Establishment in Great Britain refers to those persons in positions of power and authority, who are not publicly elected. So literally Royal establishment means a set-up of persons from the Royal family.

The Barotse Royal Establishment, therefore means the set of people who come from the royal family in Barotseland; having positions of power according to their eminence or seniority in descending or ascending order; in accordance with Barotse Tradition.

From the foregone, the Barotse Royal Establishment thus refers to the cities of the royal family members with authority according to seniority as follows:















Only name of Prince

No title used



Only name of Prince

No title used



Only name of Prince

No title used



Only name of Prince

No title used

















Collectively, these for sake of English usage are what constitute the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), excluding the commoners who serve as counsellors.

The moment the word Government is used, what is referred to is not the royal family set-up but the traditional leaders who constitute a traditional authority in Barotseland. Sometimes people tend to think that the BRE refers to the Litunga and Namuso Kuta; which is a misconception; the royal establishment is an institution of Lords.

The people in charge of BRE are the Natamoyo and Ngula. Although BRE is more pronounced by people who are not conversant with Barotseland; BRE can never be found in any book of history.

1.    Litunga – which means Earth or Country; is the Head of State
2.    Ngambele – means “talk to me” one through which the King talks to people or through which people talk to the King; nowadays the word is written as Ngambela, and he is also called:
3.    Minyolui, which means owner of all people (the Aluyi)

4.    The nobles:

i.    Natamoyo (Muywandi) meaning redeemer
ii.    Kalonga – one who commands
iii.    Namuyamba – the overall leader (second the Sope)
iv.    Namunda – responsible for regalia and other sovenirs of the Ngocana.
v.    Mukulu wa Kashiko – Elder of Kashiko; Kashiko is Lilundu City of King Mulambwa; he represents Tungi people.
vi.    Imandi – Elder of Namanda City of Yeta 1.
vii.    Angulu – Responsible for Land.
viii.    Mubonda – means faulty finder or (inspector or executor)


1.    INETE – responsible for traditional affairs in Mongu District.
2.    Namamba – Sope’s right hand.
3.    IMWANGALA – environment (forest)
4.    ITONDO – environment (water and fish)
5.    MAYUNYI – environment (water)
6.    INGANGWANA – Chief Steward (royal house)
7.    MULAMATAA – catering Dept.
8.    MUTWALETI – means one who paves way or guides the King.

This is the proper traditionally recognized system.

The truth of the matter is that the King the symbol of national unity.

The positions below the Litunga are generally referred to as Indunas; councillors (cabinet). This is the system where administrators are judges; sometimes referred to as the Kuta which is court.

The Indunas have the authority to perform and function as traditional leaders, to ensure that traditional norms and customs are adhered to. All the people of Barotseland know very well the role and task of every Induna (privy counsellors).

By traditional practices some rituals, rites and ceremonies are sometimes performed when installing these people to positions.

In summary, these people are the custodians of the Barotse Tradition and Culture.

N.B. Not all positions are included, the idea is to get a glimpse of the Barotseland State, to enable us know where we are coming from and where we are going.

There is no separate and independent Royal Establishment in Barotseland. it must be noted that since BRE is an institution of Lords, there is a distinction between BRE and the Kuta; Kuta refers to Government system. As the Kuta is an organ of the Government; there are several Kutas; each with a person called Ngambele; of course each has a special name different from the other Court.

Considering that the term court is commonly used, it is prudent therefore to refer to traditional structure as a system of courts. In fact in a typical language the people say “sichaba sa tokwahala kwa Kuta” meaning people to assemble at court. So in this context, we shall consider Namuso as the seat of the Higher Court and those below Namuso as seats of subordinate courts or seats of superior and subsidiary councils.

N.B. the noble ranks are either hereditary or honorary.

Ngula is a female princess.

Natamoyo is a male prince.

The Royal prerogative - These have exceptional powers and privileges of the sovereign in virtue of (Litunga) King.

Privy Council: a committee of persons appointed by the sovereign advising on some state of affairs.


0 #1 Joseph Masule Mashwe 2012-08-07 07:36
We have now been educated on this subject decisively, because many of us thought BRE is Namuso Kuta, kanti ki buhata you see! Ba mulonga must only deal with tradition, culture and land issues and not politics.

Ba mulonga be on your position, and us commoners we must be on our position as well. It is the responsibility of the commoners to put the cabinet.
Quote | Report to administrator
0 #2 sipula hibajene 2012-08-08 06:04
The BRE is what in Britain is called, the House of LORDS. over the years, the BRE have not been able to effectively deal with GRZ politicians who have taken advantage of the royalty traditions to deal swredly with them.
In Barotse, we need House of commons to be instituted. This shall be the civil government to run the day to day political and admnstrative issues of barotseland. We can see that since the people of barotseland gathered and united to ACT as the house of commons, GRZ has had sleepless nights. Once again, we appeal for a BNC so that we the people can present the barotseland government in waiting to be endorsed and start work.
Quote | Report to administrator
0 #3 nalwei 2012-08-08 14:54
We have to work with them they musk change the name and use house of lords because the name was given by kk a triator.we will submit the structure and the civil intrime government to pave way for barotselands future.litunga be the head of state.the house of comoners must include people frm all movements.
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